Come On Out to the Country!

For all of you who are tired of the chaos here in Mayberry, what with all those cars backing into Sound Beach that you have to yield to, and the line at Sweet Peas! come on out to Kent Connecticut on May 17th for a slow-paced , fun-filled Sunday. (10am to 3pm)

Enjoy the picturesque hills of one of New England’s hidden treasures; an artist’s paradise, nestled in the bucolic Litchfield ‎Hills, See Bulls Bridge to the south of Kent, and Cornwall Bridge to the north, two of New England’s endangered species: the covered bridge.

-who can tell me why they covered the bridges? Oh Lesley put your hand down nobody likes a know-it-all.‎…let me tell you:…the cover preserved the bridge road surface from the elements and extended the life of the bridge.

The bridges are separated by 20miles of Ethan Allen Highway, a country road that meanders along a babbling brook that we call the Housatonic. (an old Native American term that translates to Whose Drink is This?)

Take 95 to one of those Norwalk exits and head north on route 7. Tell the kids you’ll give them a signed copy of Robert Thorson’s “Stone by Stone, the definitive history of New England Stonewalls” or something like that. Professor Thorson is our guest speaker….the guy is awesome. His books are awesome. ‎…and the Eric Sloane Museum is awesome.

Robert also wrote a kids’ book…..what kid doesn’t love a book signing and lecture from a UConn professor?!‎  ‎In case they aren’t psyched about it?

You could tell them: “they found Mike Mulligan’s steam shovel!!” -show them the below picture to prove it.‎…maybe don’t tell them the part where Mike died and they actually used Mary Ann to dig his grave.


So, where was I? Oh, I remember. I was heading through Danbury, staying on route 7.   After you get to Kent (and stop into -forgot the name- chocolate shop) keep straight, past the dilapidated barn in the hay field ‎on the left….I’m serious, look for it, you’re very close when you see it.

The Eric Sloane Museum, and Connecticut Antique Machinery museum are about 1/4 mile north of Kent’s one traffic light. Pay attention because if you miss the light, there isn’t another one until Rutland Vermont. (Ethan Hated traffic lights and as part of his will he said “I’m going to give you my 308 mile highway but you can’t put more than 4 traffic lights on it . Not many people know that).

So, come on up to Kent next Sunday…..5/17.

This will be a great day….there’s a locomotive that was originally used in the sugar cain fields of Hawai’i, I swear that is true. See picture. (I know how to sneak into the train barn)


We are building a dry stonewall on the museum grounds. If you come I will let you lay a stone on the wall, anywhere you want, as long as it’s in the right place.


There will be some high-carb, high fat deep fried refreshments and carbonated corn syrup with artificial coloring and some processed cheese products ‎……
Ok, only kidding…..the food will be awesome.

After the book signing and lecture Robert Thorson has some hands-on stuff for kids.
‎ I also have a fun game planned for the adults.

I call it “The Rolling Stones”.

You pick out a stone, sign it with chalk and see who can role it the farthest down the hill without hurting your friends. Here’s the catch……you have to go get your stone and bring it back up the hill….so choose wisely.

‎See you next Sunday. Unless you have something better to do. (hard to imagine what that could be, but, whatever. If you’re like me, you want your children outdoors, unplugged! ‎ Hash tagging, twit chatting, face timing. Those are winter sports. The sun is shining. Come on up to the Eric Sloane Museum; we can show your children some cool things to do with their other 8 fingers.