I promise! The next one will be funny!

celiac-incidence-as-a-factor-of-glyphosate-application-to-wheatYou thought gluten was the enemy inside your loaf of bread? Well, think again. Wheat farmers spray their fields with glyphosate (aka ROUNDUP, the weed killer) 7 to 10 days before harvest. Since wheat isn’t GMO, the Roundup kills the wheat (as we know, GMO corn and soy are “Roundup ready” and don’t die after taking their Roundup showers).

Why does the wheat farmer douse his crop right before harvesting it? I am pleading with you to seek the answer inside the attached article. If you aren’t allergic to wheat and feel that the whole gluten-free‎ thing is just another silly notion like global warming, you need to find 8 minutes to read this article (oh, and by the way, the polar bears called, they’re looking for their ice caps).

I promise the next blog will be funny.

Reference Article: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/real-reason-for-toxic-wheat-its-not-gluten/