Let Me Set the Record Straight

Since publishing my recent post, titled “On Writing”, it has come to my attention that perhaps, while making fun of myself, I inadvertently made fun of the very difficult, and noble, art of children’s book writing.

That was obviously not my intention…..Far from it…..so, Let Me Set the Record Straight.

I love children’s books.‎…as much as you do.

In fact, I love them SO much, I wrote one.
And it took me years! And I got lots of help, and it cost me a lot of money.
It was very very hard….so, I now have a greater appreciation for children’s book authors.
‎I’m sorry my “On Writing” entry fell so far short of conveying that admiration.
If stupid wasn’t a bad word I’d use it on myself!

How much joy did I get from Pooh, the Berenstein Bears‎, Peter Rabbit? I bet I have read Mike Mulligan 500 times.
Imagine that ! If I could be any type of writer, if I could be a “best selling” author in any genre, it would be as a children’s book writer.
I hold A.A. Milne, Roald Dahl, and Beatrix Potter on a very high pedestal.

Raise your hand if you had a palpable fear for Peter Rabbit’s safety as he ran from Mr McGregor.
I spent thousands of dollars on my big roofed garden cage so that I wouldn’t ever have an impulse to “strangle” a rabbit with a rake.
I attribute my benevolent tolerance of rabbits to two books:
Watership Down, (by Richard Adams) and The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Miss Potter.

How about Winnie the Pooh’s love for honey? I have jars of honey in almost every room in my house. ‎I consider those characters to be genuine childhood friends of mine…..my daughter shares her bed with a giant stuffed Winnie the Pooh.

Eyeore and Piglet and Owl calmed me down at night; they tucked me in.

I could go on and on….I don’t want to overstay my welcome.
Go read the wiki page that talks about the husband and wife team who wrote Curious George.
Margret’s name was not put on the book because Houghton Mifflin felt that‎ children’s literature was too dominated by women….so they went with her husband’s name only. (H.A. Rey)
I’m going to go home and add Margret’s name to all my Curious George books.

I’ll call it penance.