Is it true that the first day of summer is June 21st? Who decided that?‎ The Incas? Mayans? Greeks?

I know, the sun is at its highest on the summer solstice. ..I know the solstice happens when the sun’s zenith is at its farthest point from the equator, everyone knows that….but how on earth can that be the first day of summer? Summer starts when school ends. Pure and simple. And that was Never late June.

WWW? What went wrong?

Some genius determined that our kids can’t compete in math globally, so we need to add 13 school days to the calendar. So ridiculous. Just drop Trigonometry. Give the trig title to another country! Who cares! Oh sure, it was important in the Hellenistic world during the 3rd century BC, but if my math is correct, that was like 4,000 years ago! Drop it! Class dismissed, see you in the Fall!

The seasons need adjusting, updating. If Pope Gregory the 8th can change the calendar, why can’t we? Who died and made him king? (little help here, anybody have the notes from religion class?)

‎All that Pope did was refine the Julian calendar; let’s refine the Gregorian calendar. Oh sure, we need more than the .0002%‎ correction Gregory enacted, but my proposal won’t result in the need for some sort of silly tweaking like leap year, or daylight savings time. Spring ahead, Fall back. Ridiculous.

My proposed calendar would still have 365.242199 days in it, but the seasons would be adjusted, BACK to our Nation’s glory days: the era of the THREE month summer….with a couple courtesy days thrown in to include Labor Day weekend.

For those of you who never knew a world where air conditioning in your car was referred to as “465” (4 windows down at 65mph), ‎summer used to be long and the seasons were defined by things other than school boards.

In my childhood, Fall started on the first day of school, through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. After pumpkins had stopped being carved, eaten and smashed. THAT was the last day of Fall.

Winter started the Monday after Thanksgiving, and went until the daffodils showed up.
As a youth I would run into the house like my hair was on fire (that happened once actually) and yell:
“MOM, I saw a Crocus!!!” I was special like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Spring sprang when the flowers could break through the tundra. Not on some silly Equinox.
Why do I care when the sun crosses the celestial equator? Why do I care that night and day are going to be exactly‎ 12 hours long on March 19,20 or 21?

Is the maple sap flowing? Are the buds on the forsythia showing their happy yellow faces?
Good! Spring is here! Equinox or no equinox.

‎When did summer start?

In 1976 summer started on the first minute after the final bell. We would all be staring out the classroom window as our teachers droned on about what great students we were and how they wished us nothing but success in all our future endeavors.

Well, that’s what I was told they said…..those monologues actually sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me: blah, blah blah, blahbahbollah.

I was the first kid out the door; always heeding the principal’s instructions to not let it hit me in the a@@. Clean your own chalkboards! See Yourself after class!

The first day of summer in the 1970’s was always near Memorial Day; school never stretched late into June. June was Summer! All of it!

Remember a few years ago when school lasted to June 29 due to the big blizzard that knocked out power for a week? So ridiculous. Read one less book. Draw three fewer isosceles trapezoids and let’s GO! It’s 87 degrees. (that’s like 150 celsius I think)

‎I was so giddy when that summer bell rang! I would ride my bike around the playground in circles, unable to focus on what to do next. Baseball? Blacktop hoops with the bent rim and chain nets? Dragnet for minnows at Old Saybrook’s town beach? Jump off the bridge and float under the causeway? Try to make-out with Kelly Garvey? No, that was last summer! Anyone seen Carol Beatty? I fell in love every summer from 5th grade to 8th grade. That’s what summer was for!

framptonAll I need to hear is any song from Peter Frampton’s live album: “Frampton Comes Alive” and I get transported back to the summers of my youth. Riding bikes barefoot, skippin stones in front of the girls, who were pretending not to notice whose stone got the most skips. THAT is a long-lost life skill! ‎(stone skipping, not showing off)

Fleetwood Mac! Who didn’t write love letters to Stevie Nicks?! (not me, duh, I’m just talking about other 14 year old boys)

Wearin’ our cutoffs and Chuck Taylors. Life was sweet, and we knew it….whatever my siblings and I were doin’, we were doin’ it with gusto, and passion. It was SUMMER!!

That’s how SUMMER!! should be spelled.‎ And that’s how SUMMER should be lived!

Let’s change the calendar! And let’s cut off our jeans and grease up our bikes…..summer might be 21 days away, but it began a week ago in all my photo albums.