Back 40 History

The Back 40 Farm is a family owned business on some of the best farmland in historic Washington, Connecticut.  As we “reclaimed” the acreage in Washington returning it to its original purpose of farming, we set some goals for ourselves that included using the best organic farming practices, purchasing products for the whole property that are considered green and eco-friendly, and being intentional about considering the environment with all of our decisions.

Our work on the farm led to the birth of the Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market along with our friends Amy Burke and Dana Evans, who you will find coordinating farmers and greeting people at the welcome tent every Wednesday.

Our passion for the sustainable movement has inspired us to make investments in assorted restaurants and organic food stores in and around Fairfield County, but our roots are in Old Greenwich.

Opening the Back 40 Mercantile became a logical next step; which is not to imply we have some grand macro-strategy…..the idea was hatched over a series of conversations, and events, and dinners, and s’mores.

The four founders have common, and yet diverse passions…..all of which are displayed in the Back40 Mercantile. ….the “common” is found in the commitment to excellence….product by product; it has to be the best in its class. The “diverse” is found in each corner of the store: be it an oil painting by Eric Sloane or a book by Tracy Kidder… it a hand made necklace from a woman who makes her jewelry in her kitchen….or the best mac-n-cheese (organic of course) you’ll ever taste.

The Back 40 Mercantile is a modern interpretation of an old fashioned country store. If you aren’t quite sure what that means?….stop by and sample the best ginger cookie you have ever tasted, and we’ll take you back to the days when New England farmers traded maple syrup for pottery.